Join the 4 Keys to Mentoring Success. A free, 4 week training programme, starting in January 2018. Limited to 60 mentors. By application only.

This is a free programme, that Mentors of GeniusU can apply for

Out of 1700 Mentors, we only have 60 places available in Quarter 1 (January-March) and will be accepting places via application only.

Click here to apply for your spot on the Quarter 1 programme now!

The 4 Keys to Mentoring Success

is a 4 week, intensive programme that will set you up for 12 months of business success as a Mentor on GeniusU, allowing your to generate 30%+ additional revenues in your business!


In A Nutshell

We are launching our brand new 4 Keys to Mentoring Success in January 2019.

It is a 4 week, intensive programme that will set you up for 12 months of business success as a Mentor on GeniusU, allowing your to generate 30%+ additional revenues in your business!

Each week, on a 90 minute interactive call, you will learn about and be able to implement immediately, strategies to rapidly grow your followers, your community, your partners, your clients and your flow!

We will give you access to areas, tools, data and features on GeniusU, that only the first 60 mentors on this programme will have access too! Access that will dramatically improve the growth of your community and your sales.

Entrepreneurs Institute have grown its profits by 100%+ in the past 12 months, through using these exact same tools on GeniusU and there are many other partners we have also helped to experience tremendous growth - and now it’s time we helped you to do the same!

Dear Mentor,

As a Coach or trainer, there are so many different platforms that you have to use to run and manage your business in today’s marketplace.

You use Amazon, or your own website to sell your products from. Eventbrite or meet up, to run your events on. Udemy to host your online programmes. Facebook or linkedin to meet with your communities. And even after using all of these awesome platforms, you still don’t have access to intelligent customer data, allowing you to build trust and therefore an actual pipeline of new clients.

Well that’s all changed! GeniusU is now your one stop solution as a Mentor.

The “Amazon for Entrepreneurs”!

As a Mentor on GeniusU, you can seamlessly run your business. You can create connection and build trust with your potential clients. Track and measure all of their activity allowing you to make just the right offering, to just the right person, at just the right time.

With over 900,000 members and growing by 1,000 per day, you can access an entire community of entrepreneurs on purpose, who are seeking direction and guidance from Mentors just like you.

You can list all of your products, events, online courses for sale and manage all of your communities all in one place. With intelligent customer data, you can outline how much content your members have consumed already and what level of business and profile type they are.

With your own unique salesforce login, you can track and analyse your community habits and behaviours, along with all of your sales data and commissions, allowing you to offer just the right opportunity at just the right time to just the right client.

By being one of the first 60 Mentors to join our 4 Keys of your Mentoring Business Programme, you will have all of these benefits and features at your fingertips and we will show you how to get set up to deliver 30%+ additional revenues in your first year.

I would love to see you as one of the first 60 participants on our Quarter 1 programme and to be sharing your incredible growth story by the end of March!

The 4 keys

What you will be unlocking each week

In this key, you will learn and apply the best practices to attract an ongoing stream of qualified leads and new customers to your events, products and programs

GeniusU delivers you a web store, events platform and microdegree learning platform to sell your entire product range in one place. Tailored to mentors and trainers, we give you the tools to run digital marketing campaigns and evergreen funnels into your online products, certifications, events and training programs.

With our digital sales & marketing key you can:

Set up evergreen funnels

Track sales activity

Organise big events

Create certifications

Run campaigns

Automate your processes

In this key, you will learn how to rapidly grow and nurture a community of raving fans, leading to high repeat purchases, referrals and success stories

With GeniusU, you have the ability to grow, manage and engage multiple communities around multiple products, events and microdegrees, tapping into our ever growing community of highly engaged entrepreneurs! (800,000+ and growing)

With our Community Building tools you can:

Build Prospects

Improve Conversions

Manage Onboarding

Increase Retention

Send Regular Updates

Run Promotions

In this key you will learn how to nurture, support and motivate an ever growing group of 6000+ affiliates and partners, who will directly help to add an additional 20-50% to your revenues by being your greatest advocates

GeniusU’s Partner Management takes care of all your partner management, from invitation to sign up to commission payments.

Plus you have access to over 6,000 experienced and motivated mentors and affiliates on GeniusU. This year we have paid out $1M in commissions to partners supporting mentors. In the next 12 months that will grow to $5M of commissions being paid out!

Affiliate Tracking

Access to 6000+ affiliates

Partner Training

Affiliate Dashboard

Sell products wholesale

Commission payments

In this key, you will learn how to access and analyse critical data about your followers, community, customers and partners, form your own unique salesforce partner centre, allowing you to make highly qualified decisions about your sales activities and promotions

Easily predict and grow your revenues month on month, by having the world’s best CRM and reports at your fingertips.

As one of our GeniusU Mentors, we take care of all payments, with you receiving cash and reports daily. Your GeniusU and Salesforce dashboards allow you to track, measure and accurately predict future revenues and import direct to your accounts system.

Dashboard & Sales pipeline

Daily disbursements

CRM integration

Multicurrency payment

Customer Intelligence

Industry insights

Who is this programme for?

You can apply for this programme if you are an existing Mentor on GeniusU, committed to growing your own flow and supporting the growth of GeniusU in the process.

Applications will be accepted from both existing Mentors and non-Mentors who are ready to step up to Mentor level. However preference for the Q1 programme will be given to those who are:

GeniusU Partner Accelerator members and past alumni

GeniusU Services clients

Attendees of the GeniusU Annual Conference 7th and 8th December

Global Partners of Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts

Master Trainers of Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts

Mentors who are committing to generate higher levels of monthly revenues and activity through GeniusU

Applications can only be accepted from Mentors who will be generating at least $1,000 of business per month through their events, products and programs on GeniusU.

After the first 60 mentors have graduated in Quarter 1, we will be progressing to onboarding 100 Mentors each month in Q2, to make sure you are one of these mentors apply now. If you are unsuccessful in being on the Q1 programme we will be generating a wait list for the remainder of the year!

Partners we have helped to generate over 30% of growth in the past 12 months

See how Global Entrepreneur Summit is running sell out events across the globe

Entrepreneurs Institute launched the Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) series of events in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Taiwan, Lithuania, Czech Republic using services from GeniusU. GES has engaged GeniusU to manage Marketing, web development, app development, community management, partner management and paying out daily commissions using our systems.

With the help of geniusU, Global Entrepreneur Summit has sold tickets to over +50,000 attendees across the world. In addition to supporting GES in filling the events, GeniusU also supports with managing on-ground registration, ticketing and one click payments.

15,129 tickets sold via GenisuU platform since 2016
1,735 members accessed the livestream video on the GES Circle

Over $3-.7 million generated/processed via the platform in 2017

How B1G1 is fully integrating with GeniusU to support its vision of transforming lives around the world

B1G1 is fully integrating into GeniusU as part of the World Game

B1G1 is the Number 1 Social Enterprise for helping Entrepreneurs achieve more, by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations and creating unique giving stories. Every business transaction (and as a result, the business’ day to day activity) can impact lives for as little as just one cent.

GeniusU is providing Marketing and Community Services to B1G1. In a short period of six months, B1G1 has made over 500,000 impacts around the world through the GeniusU platform. GeniusU continues to be one of the biggest contributors of impacts on B1G1 platform.

750,000+ giving impacts processed via GeniusU in last 3 months
$5000-$7000+ monthly payouts to B1G1 for Giving Impacts

Health Dynamics transforms its business by going digital and global with GeniusU

Growing Pains
Health Dynamics was started by Jo Formosa in Brisbane. One of the challenges for Jo was to producticise the concept and have a platform which allows it to grow exponentially and play on the global stage.

Unlimited growth
Now, with everything running on GeniusU, customer numbers are going through the roof. In the past year 3000+ people have gone through the online assessments, microdegrees and events. Health Dynamics continues to grow.

Over 2,400+ have taken the Health Dynamics and health Spectrum test in the last 1 year

Generated over US$100,000 in sales through GeniusU in Q3 2018


We will hand hold you through creating your plan, setting up your presence on GeniusU and guiding your community and partners through the same. We will share easy tutorials and record all content

Training and support
Each week we will run a 90 minute training call on one of the 4 keys. The calls will be interactive and we will answer your questions and provide support outside of these calls also

We will continue to use your feedback and user experience to design and build better features on GeniusU allowing you to further grow your community and flow and we will share this with you transparently


Show up to each of the weekly training sessions for the 4 weeks - each session is 90 minutes long. There are 2 calls a week you can choose from, covering all time zones

Actively take the action steps required each week - share the action and progress with your peers and with us. You will need to set aside a few hours per week to be able to take the necessary actions

There is no fee to join the 4 Keys programme. You just need to be an active Mentor on GeniusU, to join this programme and be generating at least $1,000 of business per month through your events, products and programs on GeniusU. Standard commissions to GeniusU are applicable for all sales. 10% for offline programmes and event tickets, 30% for online programmes, with a 3.5% transaction fee. If you are not already a Mentor you can upgrade for just $970 for 12 months or $97 per month

Apply Now

Why are we doing this programme and giving access to all these tools for free, you may be asking yourself…

The World Game

GeniusU is now hosting The World Game, inspired by Buckminster Fuller. We believe that it’s the Entrepreneurs like you, who are today, solving major world problems with your businesses and that, by growing your business, you will grow the impact you make on The World Game too!

We want to enable 20 million giving impacts to B1G1 in this next year, from companies, mentors, leaders and members who are inspired to be the change! And we know that by supporting you as one of our key Mentors, you will be inspired to be a part of that giving and you will also inspire your communities into the World Game too!

Amazing Success Stories!

We want to double the number of Mentors on GeniusU in the next 12 months and we want to be able to attract some of the top trainers, mentors and coaches from around the world. They in turn will bring in hundreds of thousands of new members, which gives you even more scope to grow your community too! We know by having super successful Mentors on GeniusU, with success stories to share, who have grown their flow by at least 30%, we will genuinely attract more and more Mentors and their members to the platform too!

GeniusU Valuation

In 2019 we are going to be generating $30M of revenues across the platform. $29M of that revenue is going to come from our Genius Partners and Mentors. Your success is our success. Reaching $30M of revenues in 2019, allows us to exponentially grow our company valuation in 2019 and open the door for further investment in GeniusU - so we can continue to grow it! This makes for a virtuous circle


Application Page

Please complete the application form in as much detail as possible. This programme is free for Mentors to apply to join. As such we are keen to accept Mentors who can demonstrate they are committed to their own companies and communities growth in 2019, at the same time as supporting the growth of GeniusU.

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